Friday, January 7, 2011

Artisan Sea Salt - Cork Top Jars

Check out these salts. I just may have to order me some.

Artisan Sea Salt - Cork Top Jars
Making this pretty scarf that I found on a website called 'The Good Life'. Here is the link
I am using a soft yarn by Red Heart Eco-Way call Aquarium....Stay tuned

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

One more thing......

I have to share my most favorite new gadget. I got a Nookcolor for Christmas. LOVE IT!


What should I do with these?
I've started a scarf using the multicolored and gold....lets see how it turns out. 

Projects...what's next?

So I've been dabbling a bit, doing a little crocheting and sewing since Christmas is over. Here are a few of the things I've made.
 I made this pin cushion that I found a tutorial for on

I also found this great tutorial for a heating pad. I made several for Christmas gifts. So I made one for our house, but haven't used it yet. Pretty huh? And I made it from left over fabric I had. 

Now for some crochet projects. Maybe I'll send these to my cold relatives in Iowa. 

Better late then never

Okay so its early January 2011 and I am just going through pictures on my camera. I ran across some I took before a Christmas party at our house. So thought I'd post them. Like I said...better late then never?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

So, what next?

The New Year is here, what next? I've been crocheting some and have lots of fabric to start working on some projects. I really want to remodel my spare room to make it into a craft room. Here is one great storage idea I found. I'll be working on it in the near future. 

More aprons

One more picture of Christmas aprons, my daughter Renee & granddaughter Madisyn. 

My homemade Christmas

For Christmas this year (well I guess it was last year now) I made all the women aprons. I was so proud of them. Here are pictures I asked them to take since I could not be there, they live in Iowa and I live in California. I also made heating pads for the guys. That's my son there modeling his.

My daughter Melissa

My mom, Valerie
Family friend, Audrey
Daughter in law Julie
Son Justin
Niece Katie
Niece Kirstie with her reversible bag I made
Sister Lesley
Sister Lisa
Sister in law Lora
Niece Rachael