Saturday, September 28, 2013

Baby blankets

Well I just completed my fourth blanket today. I still have one more to go for a friend and then I have my own projects for my grandbaby girl that is going to be here in November. Everyone else is having boys. So here's my lastest two.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Chocolate sweet and salty........

We are going to a couples Bunco party tomorrow night and this is what I am taking. Don't they look yummy? I found them while surfing on Pinterest on Four and Twenty Blackberris blog.They taste pretty darn good and are very simple to make. Should be a hit!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

My oh my, it's been far too long. I haven't posted anything here in a long long time, shame on me. Life gets busy and time gets away from us. I have been busy doing a lot of things from crocheting, cooking, a little sewing and taking care of my boyfriend who had back surgery last month. So here's a little view of what I've being doing over the past eight months. An apron I made for a friends 50th birthday, a surprise bear I'm making for someone very special, afghans I made for some special friends, a baby blanket I made for a co-worker, awesome dishcloths I've made this summer, ingredients for a delicious Coconut Cake I made, and my boyfriend on a walk a week after back surgery (he's doing great by the way).

Oh I also have some exciting news to share. I am expecting my SIXTH grandchild soon. We will be welcoming a new baby around Thanksgiving. It's a GIRL!! And only the second girl out of six grandchildren so I am pretty darn excited. I am in baby afghan mode right now as I have a lot of friends who are also expecting grandbabies and babies.  I promise to be more diligent about keeping you updated on my projects, so stay tuned.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Left over yarn

So I've been cleaning our closets and drawers and cupboards today. I took a load to the Thrift store and then came home and looked at all my yarn. Of course I cannot bare to part with it, even if it's not enough to do anything with. So I grabbed some and sat at the table and thought what can I make. 
And this is what I ended up with. I already have another color combination in mind. Maybe I'll get to it tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Slippers

I decided this year I would make something for all my employees that they will enjoy for years to come. I found this cute pattern on Ravelry. I started my first pair while we were on a weekend trip to Hearst Castle and I had lots of time to keep busy with my hands. I have made a lot of progress on my projects this way! The pattern can be found on Miranda Websters blog called The Life Artistic . I had such fun making these and after some time was able to make a pair every evening. I think they'll be a hit!

Pillow surgery

So I made this pillow over a year ago, but the crocheting started coming undone from the pillow. As I sat examining it last weekend I decided it was time to fix it. So I did a little surgery and then added a few gems just to bling it up a bit. Turned out okay, what do you think?

Christmas projects

Well now that my gifts have been received I can post them for all to see. I posted the afghan I made for my daughter, and now I can show you the one I made for my son since he got it in the mail today...yippy.I actually finished his first but had to wait until last week to box it up and send it. And...they area already enjoying it! Love all the colors.