Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Rivers ride

We've been spending a lot of time lately on our bike. By that I mean a motorcycle, Harley Davidson to be exact. We found a local group at gets together almost every weekend and goes somewhere, even if it's just a day ride. Recently we took an overnight trip to Three Rivers, Ca. That's located about 300 miles north of where we live. The forecast called for a chance of drizzles. Well we got that and much more. Here's us getting ready to leave from Ontario, it had already started to rain...not a good sign.
 We encountered wind riding through the Palmdale area. That was probably the worst because it just blows you all over the place. Once we got up near Lake Isabella on the 155 it got colder and wetter, and that combination makes snow flurries. We went very slow and made it through the winding roads, it was actually very pretty.
There is lots of beautiful country to be seen and what a better way then on a bike where you can use all your senses. I love it. Here are a few more pictures along the way.

This is how you dress when it's cold out....
We stayed at The Lazy J Ranch in Three Rivers...what a great little place. We had a bonfire in the rain that night, too fun.

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