Sunday, September 25, 2011


Well now that we've been home for a day and have caught up on some sleep and the time we lost I am feeling more myself. I'm even cooking dinner tonight, something I haven't done in over a week. I'll have to post what I made, it is a wonderful recipe from one of my great cookbooks. So...I can't possibly post all the 300+ pictures I took on our trip. But I will post a few for your viewing pleasure. First our view....
These are both views of the lawn from our condo which was right on the ocean. The second was right before sunset.

We did the Haleakala Volcano bike ride which consisted of getting up to the top at 10,000 feet before sunrise. VERY early, but so worth it. Got some great pictures then went down to 7000 feet where we rode down on Mountain bikes the rest of the 23 miles. Worth getting up at 1:30 AM!

The next day we did the Road to Hana...I mean the whole road. These are some of the spectacular views you see on the way. It is amazing. We took the road all the way around, unlike most that turn around and go back the way they came.

We did more.................drove on VERY tiny roads that only one car can drive on at a time

Saw more beautiful shoreline

Ate at a ridiculously expensive but delicious restaurant called Mama's Fish House. Great food and Mai Tai's.

Went to a Luau

And finally, enjoyed a sunset on our last evening there.

 A wonderful time was had by all. Mahalo!

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